Berlin, Germany, October 02, 2018 – Smart Pricer is excited to announce their partnership with SecuTix. The two companies built an integration of an intelligent price optimization software. This allows the first fully automated, real-time price adjustments in the sports and entertainment industry.

Specifically, the integration affects Smart Pricer’s intelligent pricing tool and SecuTix’ SaaS ticketing solution SecuTix 360°. As a result, it gives ticketing managers convenient access to the advanced pricing service. In other words, SecuTix’s clients have direct access to Smart Pricer’s intelligent pricing software. Smart Pricer’s service is built around a real-time pricing service. What’s more, the service is powered by machine learning. Let alone, the pricing mechanism consumes more than 100 parameters. More importantly, the analysis happens in real-time and the algorithm proposes price optimizations. Clients can update and accept ticket price updates with „one-click“. The bi-directional interface in the software guarantees this function.

“Daily manual work of entering price updates into Secutix system will disappear.”

Franz Blechschmidt, Co-founder and Managing Director of Smart Pricer stated, “We are excited to be Secutix’s new partner for ticket price optimizations. We can offer clients direct access to our pricing know-how and technology through our partnership. Daily manual work of entering price updates into the system will disappear. We see great potential in this partnership and are looking forward to boosting ticketing revenue”.
SecuTix provides the SaaS ticketing solution SecuTix 360°, a globally integrated software suite. It has been developed particularly for professionals in the fields of entertainment, leisure, and events. Hereby it targets those wishing to expand their offering and revenue. Furthermore, users can excel in managing their customer relationship.

More than 175 active customers use this platform throughout Europe. This includes large sports clubs and stadiums, live entertainment businesses, and leading museums. SecuTix manages a yearly sales volume of over 45 million tickets. The main product, SecuTix 360°, is a cloud-based platform, that combines ticketing with CRM functions. The software is a White-Label SaaS. SecuTix might also be the go-to ticketing partner for the European Championship in Germany 2024. Read more about SecuTix here.

About Smart Pricer

Smart Pricer’s team of pricing experts provides cinemas, sports clubs, ski resorts and entertainment venues around the globe with the necessary tools to increase ticketing revenues. We have over 10 years of airline pricing experience and done millions of pricing optimizations, Smart Pricer is the go-to-partner for many top industry players, This includes Europe’s largest cinema chain Odeon-UCI, Germany’s famous sports club FC Bayern München and Swiss Zermatt Bergbahnen AG. We continue to help companies achieve an increase in ticketing revenues by +5-15%.

Please have a look at our solutions in pricing and ticketing optimization for further information.