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Smart Pricer’s team of pricing experts gives businesses the necessary tools to increase ticketing revenues and attract more customers.

Our Story

How did it start?

Smart Pricer was founded in 2015 with the vision to bring dynamic pricing into new industries. Hereby, the focus was in the sports and entertainment industry. The three pricing experts with airline pricing background have discovered the potential for customers and companies. They introduce dynamic pricing to areas, where this concept is new.

Since the foundation, the company was growing exponentially. As a result, more than 1 million tickets have been optimized by November 2017. After all, the technical development and a growing team ensures outstanding performance.

Where are we now?

In 2018, more than 10 million tickets have been optimized by our pricing experts. And the number is growing constantly in 2019. As a result, we have clients all around the world. Additionally, more ticketing partners integrate our automatic price optimization tool.

Our vision is to be the go-to strategic pricing partner for our clients. Therefore, we develop long-term relationships for best revenue optimization results. All in all, Smart Pricer is the future of pricing.

Timeline Smart Pricer

The Smart Pricer Advantage

Smart Pricer’s team of pricing experts gives businesses around the globe the necessary tools to increase ticketing revenues and attract more visitors. We utilize innovative analytics and our real-time pricing software to help customers achieve their commercial goals.

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Our Management Team

Christian Kluge

Christian Kluge

Managing Director / CEO

Christian is one of the founders and Managing Director of Smart Pricer. Before, he worked for airlines and was responsible for their ancillary products.

For instance, this included tasks such as seat reservations and business class auctions. In is role, he developed several new products and implemented new pricing models. Prior to the airline role, he worked as a McKinsey consultant specializing in strategy and price optimization for large corporations. That is. Christian studied Business and Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and HEC Lausanne.

Franz Blechschmidt

Franz Blechschmidt

Managing Director

Franz is co-founder and Managing Director of Smart Pricer. Before founding the company, he worked for Airberlin as Manager Corporate Development & Strategic Projects.

He coordinated and implemented the restructuring program for the pricing and product-portfolio across all commercial departments. Prior to Airberlin, Franz worked as a manager for Lufthansa and Germanwings. There he specialized in Product and Revenue Management. To conclude, Franz is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for innovation.

Sebastian Thobe

Sebastian Thobe


Sebastian is one of the founders and CTO of Smart Pricer. He previously worked as a software engineer in the ad-tech industry. His expertise was bidding algorithms and software.

Sebastian gained experience and passion for scalable real-time web services, during and after his master’s degree in Computer Science at Freie Universität. Furthermore, he shows extensive knowledge in web development and database infrastructure. Indeed, he worked on the challenge of pricing millions of bids per second.

Advisory Board

Jan Runge

Jan Runge

Member of Advisory Board

Jan Runge is an independent analyst and advisor to the international cinema industry. He currently acts as the European Representative of the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA). Previously, he was CEO of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), Europe’s cinema trade body. Jan is convinced that dynamic pricing will become a key feature of the customer journey in the cinema industry.

Prior to his work with UNIC, Jan gained more than 10 years of experience in project management and strategy consulting. He successfully led several international assignments for media industry clients and public bodies. Jan holds a Masters degree from the London School of Economics.

Claus Horstmann

Claus Horstmann

Member of Advisory Board

Claus Horstmann is the owner of Horstmann Consulting and former managing director of 1. FC Köln. More importantly, he supports Smart Pricer in consulting sports clubs optimizing their price concepts.

Claus Horstmann has more than 20 years management experience in the sports and entertainment industry. He spend many years as Managing Director of the Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln. Furthermore, he was chairman of the supervisory board of the handball club VfL Gummersbach and managing director at Centerparks Germany.

Kurt Rieder

Kurt Rieder

Member of Advisory Board

Kurt helps our pricing experts excel in the movie theater business. That is, he ownes 25 years of experience in cinema exhibition and distribution.

Among other roles, he has worked as CEO of Mars Cinema Group, Turkey’s leading cinema chain with more than 750 screens. Additionally, in Golden Village, Singapore’s leading number one cinema chain with over 90 screens.

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