BERLIN – April 2024

Not only is Bayer Leverkusen brilliant on the pitch this season, but they are also leading the standings in the sport of business. As part of their continuous review and optimization strategy for ticketing, the newly crowned Bundesliga champions have secured the support of Smart Pricer’s experts for an extensive consulting project.

1. Fan survey on current price structure
In combination with a club-internal master’s degree thesis, Bayer fans were surveyed on price sensitivity of season- and matchday tickets. Detailed information was gathered per various categories like grandstand, for example. Preferences in various scenarios of advance sale times and phases were also examined. Resulting purchase probabilities were analyzed, visualized, and interpreted accordingly by the data science team.

2. Analyzing ticket sales data from previous seasons
At Smart Pricer, we examined ticket sales data from previous years and integrated it into our algorithms on our proprietary pricing platform. Patterns such as sales velocity and average ticket price of individual blocks were incorporated. The ticketing and pricing strategy decisions from previous years were evaluated and contextualized for their impact on relevant KPIs. When additionally combined with factors such as competition, audience demographics, and the opposition side, our analysis provided deep insights and the framework for drawing data-driven conclusions.

3. Simulation of different pricing scenarios

Based on the above findings and analyses, various theoretical scenarios, and models with different price points were developed and presented to Bayer Leverkusen for internal discussion. 

The extensive results were presented and openly discussed in a workshop at the BayArena. Supported by the cooperation with Smart Pricer and our comprehensive expertise, Bayer Leverkusen are ideally equipped to make internal decisions in the coming seasons.


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