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Pricing Challenges And Goals For Ski Resorts

The decreasing number of visitors in the recent years makes covering the increasing operational costs more difficult. Discover the daily demand for your ski resort and set up the right pricing strategy for mountain railways, parking, etc.

Challenges for Ski Resorts

Hard to predict demand for each day

There are hundreds of factors that influence the demand for ski resorts, such as date and time, weather, season, etc. Predicting the expected demand is key for revenue optimization.

High demand vs. low demand times

Weekends and holiday seasons attract more skiers than weekdays and off-season. Attractive and dynamic prices shift demand to off-times and increase revenue on peak-times

Difficulties to communicate price changes

A change of the current pricing model needs careful customer communication to avoid visitor disappointment and bad press. Finding the right communication strategy can be difficult.
Dynamic pricing adjusts prices based on demand

Pricing Goals for Ski Resorts

Drive Revenues

Utilize the price insensitivity of spontaneous customers for high-demand skiing days to increase overall revenue.

Increase visits at off-peak seasons

Offer attractive prices at off-peak seasons to shift demand and reduce the impact of fixed costs at those times.

Incentivize online sales

Increase online sales through special discounts to collect more customer behavior information and get better planing security while saving money.

How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

To achieve the strategic goals of our clients we usually follow three steps:


Define Pricing Strategy

  • Scope the ski resort and define ticket types
  • Set the sales channels and choose the price range of your dynamically priced tickets
  • Think about the frequency of updates for ticket prices


360° Analysis and Revenue Simulation

  • Understand today’s demand drivers and optimize the pricing scheme accordingly
  • Differentiate prices by ticket types, season, weekday, etc.
  • Use pre-sales as an indicator for a daily dynamic price change


Right Software and Right Communication

  • Automatic price updates with Dynamix Tool
  • Continuous support
  • Access to customized web-tool to change price settings and real-time reporting (if desired)

Typical Results For Ski Resorts

+5% - 15%

Increase in attendance during off-peak times

+ 5% - 10%

Increase in overall revenue

+10% - 30%

Increase in share of online sales

How Does Dynamic Pricing Work For Ski Resorts?

Grischconsulta and Smart Pricer have invited Thomas Rechberger, the CFO of the Engadin St Moritz Mountains, to hold the worldwide first webinar on Dynamic Pricing in Ski Resorts. Please contact us to get access to the whole one hour video.

Christian Kluge, CEO of Smart Pricer, explains the benefits of dynamic pricing for ski resorts in an interview with Swiss Media house SRF.

What Our Clients Say

“Smart Pricer offers a unique combination of price consulting, analytics and software. They helped us develop a dynamic pricing scheme and customized their software to manage the new scheme effectively.” Sandra Stockinger

Head of MKT & Sales, Zermatt Bergbahnen AG

FAQ – Answers to Your Questions

What sorts of results can we expect from dynamic pricing with Smart Pricer?
  • With purposeful introduction, customers and employees are willing to accept the new pricing model
  • Total revenues generally increase by + 5–10% with additionally increased online shares
How big is the workload for us?
  • The introduction of dynamic pricing is usually feasible within a few weeks
  • The input of price chances can be done manually or automatically via interfaces with your ticketing system
Will our prices increase as a result of dynamic pricing?
  • The choice is yours. Dynamic pricing works both ways, “up” and “down”.
  • We recommend a dynamization around the current price level: on peak days a bit higher, and on weak days a bit lower.
How do we communicate dynamic pricing to our ski resort customers?
  • We recommend communication with “Price from…”, for example, “Tickets from 45 EUR”.
  • Your customers are already familiar with this concept from airlines, hotels, rental cars etc.

Our Resources

Discover how we introduce dynamic pricing in our webinar.

Webinar: Dynamic Pricing for Ski Resorts

In this webinar, jointly held by Grischconsulta and Smart Pricer, we review the background and motivation for Dynamic Pricing in Ski resorts..


  • Definition of the future pricing strategy
  • Analysis of historical booking data
  • Software implementation & transparent communication

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October 18-19, 2018
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November 09-10, 2018
Leysin, Switzerland

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6th Annual World Ski Awards

November 16-18, 2018
Kitzbuhel, Austria

World Ski Awards™ is the only global initiative to recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in ski tourism. Its annual 3-day event is the only time that the international leaders of the industry come together to exchange local knowledge, innovations and principles of best practice on a global stage..

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