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Our Dynamic Pricing solutions help sport clubs optimize their pricing to increase revenues and reduce No-Show.

Pricing Challenges And Goals For Sport Clubs

Whether you consistently sell out your stadium or are struggling to fill seats, optimizing prices and utilizing data can benefit your club with good fan acceptance.

Challenges for Sports Events

Fans react sensitive on price changes

Dynamic price changes are a proven tool to increase overall revenue. However, fans are usually reacting sensitive on ticket price changes. The right communication here is key to success.

Hard to predict demand for different games

There are hundreds of factors that influence the demand for game tickets, such as date and time, weather, teams, distance, etc. Predicting the expected demand is key for revenue optimization.

"No-Show" is damaging fan experience

“No-Show” describes the situation, when fans buy a ticket but don’t show up. A high “No-Show” rate can lead to empty looking stadiums and causes damage to the game experience.
Sport Statistics
Dynamic Pricing Strategy
Possible dynamic pricing strategy including price range and increase over time

Pricing Goals for Sports Events

Drive Revenues

Utilize the price insensitivity of spontaneous and solvent visitors and reduce the “No-Show” rate to increase overall revenue.

Increase Online Share and Collect Data

Attractive prices for online bookers reduces fixed cost in sales and enables the collection of valuable customer behavior at the online points of sales.

Reduce "No-Shows

A 360° analysis of relevant data gives valuable insights in drivers. We use no-show prediction with machine learning algorithms based on game or person and give actionable insights for optimization.

How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

To achieve the strategic goals of our clients we usually follow three steps:


Understand status-quo

  • Analysis of visitor structure and current price strategy (ticket types, seasons, etc.)
  • Defining the strategic goals for a new pricing model
  • Discover the main drivers for demand and attendance (weather, holidays, etc.)


Analysis of historical and current ticketing data

  • Analyze the share of pre-sold tickets throughout the season
  • Discover the common pattern for each pre-sales activity
  • Differentiate the existing ticket types and the price-mix


Real-time pricing software for daily optimization

  • Demand forecast based on prediction tool with machine learning algorithms
  • Daily price optimization for tickets based on our software
  • Connection of our softare with your ticketing system for seamless operation

Typical Results For Sports Events

+20% - 30%

No-Show reduction

+5% - 10%

Increase in overall revenue


Increase in share of online sales

What Our Clients Say

“The results of the Smart Pricer Software convinced us. We are pleased to use their dynamic pricing solution in the entire stadium.”

Thomas E. Herrich

Member of the Executive Board, Hertha BSC

“The professional analysis with Smart Pricer regarding the access behaviour of our fans to the games in the Allianz Arena convinced us. We are confident that the future cooperation will enable us to analyze and reduce the no-show rate.

Oliver Meßthaler

Director, Ticketing Service, Security & Facility Management, FC Bayern München

“Working with external consultants is all about trust. Smart Pricer has met our expectations thoroughly. The Team has excellent pricing knowledge and work with creativity, reliability and enthusiasm. We are overall very happy.”

Jens Bräunig

Division Manager, Ticketing and Merchandising, VfB Stuttgart

“More than 19 million visitors attend the games of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga. Within the scope of the DFL innovation strategy, together with Smart Pricer, we have prepared a study on ticketing 2020 with international benchmarks, trends and best practices. We aim to use latest technologies to enable fan- and service-oriented booking of tickets.”

Dr. Hendrik Weber

Head of Technology and Innovation, DFL / Managing Director, Sportec Solutions GmbH

“We are using Smart Pricer’s Software to optimize our ticket sales. Dynamic Pricing powered by machine learning and data analytics is an important part of our ticketing. Smart Pricer is a trustful and innovative partner.

Jörg Zereike

Managing Director, TBV Lemgo

“After a successful testing phase, we decided to partner with Smart Pricer to maximize utilization of the BOSSARD Arena with automatic dynamic pricing, while rewarding our fans with attractive online and early booking discounts.”

Patrick Lengwiler


Hertha BSC
VFB Stuttgart
TBV Lemgo
Greuther Fürth
Hansa Rostock
– DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH –
– FC Bayern München –

FAQ – Answers to Your Questions

Why is dynamic pricing suitable for sports clubs?
The combination of fixed capacity and variable demand creates the perfect conditions for dynamic pricing. As price sensitivity for each game fluctuates depending on opponent, date of the game, weather and several other factors, dynamic pricing can be used to increase attendance at low demand games as well as slightly lift ticket prices for games with high demand, if desired.
What specific goals can be reached with dynamic pricing?
Real-time dynamic pricing enables sports clubs to achieve strategic goals such as:
-Drive ticket revenues
-Increase visitor attendance at low demand games
-Lift online shares and collect customer data
-Secure earlier cash in by enticing earlier bookings
What are typical results of dynamic pricing in the sports industry?
Through dynamic pricing, our sports clients typically achieve:

  • +5 – 10% revenue uplift
  • +5 -10% increase in attendance at low demand games
  • +5% increase of online shares
  • XYZ days earlier ticket sales/ cash-in
Will my prices increase as a result of dynamic pricing?
The choice is yours. Dynamic pricing works “up” and “down”. We recommend a dynamization around the current price level: For games with high demand an increase in prices to skim willingness to pay and for games with low demand a decrease in prices in order to stimulate demand.
What are the benefits of dynamic pricing for fans?
By booking early and/or attending low demand games, fans are rewarded with more attractive prices.
What are the expenses for sports clubs implementing dynamic pricing?
The costs vary based on the amount of dynamically priced tickets. However, revenue uplifts achieved with Dynamic Pricing are typically 5x – 10x higher than the cost of implementation.

Our Case Studies

Discover how we introduce dynamic pricing with our clients.

Case Study: Hertha BSC Implements Dynamic Pricing

Smart Pricer and Hertha BSC implememt Dynamic Pricing for more than 70,000 seats in Germany’s 3rd biggest stadium in Berlin.

  • +2-10% increase of average ticket price
  • +5 Pp increase in online share
  • Stable load factor and good fan acceptance
Cinema Pricing Study

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