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Our Solutions

Ticketing and Price Analytics as well as Dynamic Pricing based on Data Science for Ski Resorts, Sports, Cinema and Entertainment. Pricing is one of the most powerful tools to drive ticket sales and increase revenue. To achieve the best and sustainable results, we aim to develop long-term relationships with our customers. On top of developing new concepts, we actively support any implementation and have the IT tools at hand to automate pricing decisions with big data analytics.

Consulting & Analytics

We lead data-driven consulting projects to understand customer behavior and optimize pricing. Our data scientists identify demand patterns and build automated demand predictions to optimize the product offering.

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Dynamic Pricing Software

By combining automated demand forecasting with our pricing knowledge, we can customize our pricing software to your needs. Adjust prices in real-time based on hundreds of demand drivers such as pre-sales, booking time, load factor, etc.

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Revenue Optimization Tools

We have huge experience in various, revenue-orientated projects, such as “No-Show” reduction, demand forecast, second market screening, web tracker utilization, price sensitivity analysis, Marketing support and more.

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Case Studies and White Papers

We are working together with market leaders in their respective industries to achieve different strategic pricing and revenue goals. Learn about concrete examples in our Case Studies and Webinars.
Hertha BSC Ticket

Implemented Dynamic Pricing at Zermatt Bergbahnen

  • +6-8% increase in revenue per ticket
    +5-40% increase in online sales
    +36% increase in advance booking time
Cinema Case Study

Case Study: Price Optimization at Bad Kleinkirchheimer

  • +3 – 4% of ticket revenues
  • +350.000 € revenue
  • increased online shares
Cinema Case Study

Case Study: Dynamic Prices at Aletsch Bahnen AG

  • Increase in ticket sales
  • Increase in online shares
  • Expansion of visitor numbers
Cinema Case Study

Case Study: Prize Optimization at Hochzeiger Bergbahnen AG

  • Increase in ticket sales
  • Increase in online shares
  • Expansion of visitor numbers

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FAQ – Answers to Your Questions

Why consider Dynamic Pricing?

Consumer behavior is changing and advanced technology enables a new level of real-time pricing, not only for e-commerce and travel industries. In today’s landscape, people’s needs and willingness to pay for greater convenience becomes more usual than ever. The “one-price fits-it-all” model is long outdated. Pricing services differently based on demand and let customers choose the best price segment for their preferences is the new norm.

  • Increase revenue by raising the average ticket price
  • Shift purchase to online channels to get more insights in behavior
  • Optimize attendance and load capacity

Get control over customer behavior and your attendance rate by implementing dynamic pricing.

What is Dynamic Pricing?
Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy where companies adjust their prices of a fixed capacity service or product to variable demand. The model is well known in the travel and hospitality industry, where prices for flight seats and hotel rooms change constantly based on the booking time and real-time demand.
Why is dynamic pricing suitable for me?
The combination of fixed capacity and variable demand creates the perfect conditions for dynamic pricing. Price sensitivity fluctuates depending on many factors such as date and time, weather, location, popularity, etc. Dynamic pricing can be used to increase attendance at low demand shows or games as well as slightly lift ticket prices for those with high demand to increase revenue.
What specific goals can be reached with dynamic pricing?
Real-time dynamic pricing enables to achieve strategic goals such as:

  • Drive ticket revenues
  • Increase visitor attendance at low-demand times
  • Lift online shares and collect customer data
  • Secure earlier cash in by enticing earlier bookings
What are the benefits of dynamic pricing for my customers?
By booking early and/or attending low demand games, fans are rewarded with more attractive prices. Furthermore, customers can choose between different price segments the one that fits their needs the best.
What are the expenses for implementing dynamic pricing?
The costs vary based on the amount of dynamically priced tickets. However, revenue uplifts achieved with Dynamic Pricing are typically 5x – 10x higher than the cost of implementation.

Some Of Our Clients

Matterhorn Zermatt Bergbahnen
TBV Lemgo
TBV Lemgo
TBV Lemgo

“In the age of a rapidly advancing digitization, it is important to stay up to date. Smart Pricer’s analyses have shown us how dynamic pricing can be implemented in the future. We are looking forward to an innovative partnership and an exciting project implementation.”

Thomas Fleischhacker

Managing Director, Hochzeiger Bergbahnen AG

“Dynamic pricing allows us greater flexibility and smoothing of demand. In addition, the reduction of sales at the cash registers in favor of increasing online sales leads to better and individual advice for guests.”

Valentin König

CEO, Aletsch Bahnen AG

“We made a conscious decision to work with Smart Pricer: service, technology and cooperation are constructive and goal-oriented. We are already looking forward to further cooperation and exciting innovations in the joint project.”

Dr. Werner Hanselitsch

CEO, Liftgesellschaft Obergurgl

“Smart Pricer offers a unique combination of price consulting, analytics and software. They helped us develop a dynamic pricing scheme and customized their software to manage the new scheme effectively.”

Markus Hasler

CEO, Zermatt Bergbahnen AG

“Our pricing policy no longer reflects today’s conditions. Dynamic pricing is now the norm in almost all industries. We want to keep up with this development. With Smart Pricer, we have found a partner who convinces us with his many years of experience and the results of their customers. We expect to learn more about our customers and to be able to better align our business model with them.”

Urs Zenhäusern

CEO, Belalp Bahnen AG

 “At the end of the day, above all we want to offer our guests beautiful and unique experiences! To this end, we are constantly developing ourselves, our technologies and our offers. The entry into dynamic pricing is a decisive component in this.”

Wolgang Egger

Managing Director, Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG

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