The SRF, the largest broadcasting company of German-speaking Switzerland, has interviewed Patrick Lengwiler, managing Director at EV Zug, about the implementation of fully-automated Dynamic Pricing as the first sports club in Europe.

Patrick Lengwiler explains that the club wants to utilize Smart Pricer’s dynamic pricing software as a leverage to increase the attendance in the Bossard Arena during less attractive games. By offering tickets for up to 30% cheaper than last season, the club aims to fill the ranks and enhance the atmosphere in the stadium for all fans.

Source: by Raphael Prinz from SRF in Schweiz aktuell from 13.09.2019

In the new pricing model, several factors determine the starting price for each match. The lower the expected demand (for example during mid-week games with less attractive opponents), the lower the initial ticket price. In addition, early bookers are always guaranteed to get a more attractive price compared to the ones that buy tickets shortly before the game starts.

Even with the introduction of the new pricing system, it is strictly ensured that the season ticket continues to be the cheapest ticket. This means that the unit price for a single game ticket will never be lower than the season ticket – even during price fluctuations.

Source: by Raphael Prinz from SRF in Schweiz aktuell from 13.09.2019

The SRF has also asked Thomas Lang, an expert in online trading and pricing systems what his take on the European premiere of fully-automated pricing in sports is. For him, it is clear that dynamic pricing will prevail. The EV Zug now has direct control over one of the main drivers for demand – Pricing. The club can directly influence the price range and ultimately earn more money. Reporting Thomas Lang’s words:

“I think Dynamic Pricing is here to stay.”

Source: by Raphael Prinz from SRF in Schweiz aktuell from 13.09.2019

After Switzerland has already established itself as a pioneer in dynamic pricing for mountain lifts, now with EV Zug the first Swiss sports club has taken a step towards the same direction, likely setting an example for more clubs to follow this innovative approach.

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