The trend of Flexible Pricing is shifting from airlines and hotels to further industries, including attractions, ski resorts, and sports. If you are responsible for commercial ticket sales in one of those industries, you probably have already thought about developing your pricing strategy before.

When we talk with people about a flexible pricing strategy, common questions that we hear are:

• We would like to do flexible pricing, but what will the shareholders/employees/customers say?
• How do I know which pricing strategy will really work for us?
• How do we communicate the new prices to all stakeholders?

Sounds familiar? After all, the set up of flexible pricing can be a real headache. Furthermore, you also need to get all the stakeholders on board.

Learn from the experiences of Smart Pricing in different industries

To learn how to update your pricing the right way and avoid mistakes that might weaken the success, it is important to learn from the companies that have done it all before. Plan your new pricing strategy while having the challenges and solutions of first-movers in your mind.

It is time to learn the real challenges, solutions, and to-do lists for implementing Smart Ticket Pricing. Franz Blechschmidt, our co-founder and Managing Director, discusses with three companies from different industries, how they have successfully implemented a Smart pricing strategy

Join us at TheTicketingBusiness Forum in Manchester at 14:30 on April 9 for an exclusive session covering real-world implementations of smart pricing.

This companies from different industries are sharing their real experiences:
Thomas Rechberger
CFO, Engadin St Moritz Mountains

Robin Gollbach
Head of Business Development, FC Bayern München Basketball

Stephanie Schaub
Managing Director, Chocoversum

Franz Blechschmidt
Managing Director, Smart Pricer