We are happy to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Insights & Analytics Award in TheTicketing Technology Awards 2019!

TheTicketingBusiness Awards recognise leadership, innovation and achievement in the application of ticketing across sports, performing arts, music, cinema, live entertainment and visitor attractions. The Awards aim to increase the standards and best practice of ticketing, drive awareness and adoption of future ticketing technology, and improve the customer experience for ticket-buyers across all sectors. Smart Pricer has been nominated for best integration or application of data analysis and insights to an entertainment ticketing challenge for our data-driven demand prediction and pricing tools.

“As Europe’s leading gathering of entertainment ticketing professionals, each year TheTicketingBusiness Forum brings together the very best of the industry to showcase what’s new, explore the challenges we face and debate the future trends,” say Ian Nuttall, Founder, TheTicketingBusiness. “Alongside the conference and workshops, we will also celebrate and recognise those people and organisations which are really changing the way we service the ticketing needs of our customers.

“The public nominated and after careful consideration, the judges have delivered a comprehensive shortlist of worthy finalists for TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2019 – which Smart Pricer have been selected for.”

Now is our opportunity to have Smart Pricer recognised as the best in the industry.

Please head over to our live-entertainment and attractions page for further information in our Smart Ticketing Tools for these industries,