Recently, we have launched our new website with the goal of sharing our experience in pricing and ticketing optimizations. The new website provides a comprehensive overview of our pricing and revenue services while offering convenient options to stay in touch with us.

We focus on easy navigation through our content. Furthermore, we also provide our Resources in form of White Papers, Blog Posts, and Press Release more space to guide visitors through the pricing news and specialized knowledge that we are eager to publish and share.

What’s more, the new site includes extensive product information to help customers understand Smart Pricer’s complete range of pricing solutions. Technical data, videos and application case studies work together to provide a detailed overview of our capabilities across a wide range of industries, including cinema, sports, entertainment, and ski.

In addition to that, we are helping to make our vast portfolio of services and resources easy to browse in the new FAQ-section for the Homepage and on every industry site. Our FAQ-Sections cover the most important questions regarding the implementation of a smart pricing strategy. They are tailored to every industry needs and are updated regularly.

Moreover, we clearly demonstrate our mindset, to not only sell services and software, but be the long-term partner for our clients to develop lasting price optimization strategies and continue to improve through workshops and the constant challenge of the status-quo.

All in all, the new website allows visitors to benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others. This is a result of talking with customers and gaining valuable feedback.
Created with the user experience and educational mission in mind, the website has been designed to be best compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices.

After you checked the new website, why not give us your feedback by posting a comment on our LinkedIn or Twitter page.

Smart Pricer provides cinemas, sports clubs, entertainment venues and ski resorts around the globe with the necessary tools to increase ticketing revenues and attract more visitors. With over 10 years of airline pricing experience and millions of pricing optimizations, Smart Pricer is the go-to-partner for many venues such as Europe’s largest cinema chain, UCI, Berlin’s Bundesliga club, Hertha BSC and Ski resort Zermatt. Smart Pricer continues to help companies achieve an increase in ticketing revenues by +5-15% while enhancing visitor satisfaction.

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