BERLIN – February 2024

Filippo Scanzano, Country Manager DACH for Attractions, Sport & Entertainment at Smart Pricer, was recently a guest at, the international podcast for ticketing managers. Hosted by Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, CEO of TicketCo, the podcast offers valuable insights from industry experts.

The first “Hot Topic” episode entitled “Dynamic pricing – how does it work?” focuses on the reasons for the relevance of dynamic pricing in the modern world. It becomes clear that dynamic pricing is not just a method of maximizing sales in the short term, but also a long-term strategy for the success of events.

The initial question is: why dynamic pricing?

  • Real-time flexibility: Smart Pricer allows clubs to react to position in the table, attractiveness of opponents, time of season and weather by adjusting ticket prices in real time based on current demand.
  • Fan rewards: the introduction of flexible pricing makes it possible to offer attractive prices to loyal fans and early bookers 
  • Steering occupancy: demand for less attractive tickets can be actively stimulated via the price

In addition to other general topics such as the importance of fan communication in pricing projects, the following questions are discussed:

The right price for an event

The discussion shows that optimal pricing is a significant part of the marketing mix (7Ps) and that various factors need to be taken into consideration.

Wrexham AFC and the Messi effect

Peter Wynn of Wrexham AFC has previously also been a guest on, Carl-Erik and Filippo openly and directly discuss his approaches to pricing strategy and fan loyalty, as well as the Messi effect on ticket prices (which is arguably the exception rather than the rule).  

History of dynamic pricing and pioneers

Who actually started dynamic pricing in sports (probably the San Francisco Giants in US baseball), why has it not yet become widespread and who are the current pioneers?


The episode concludes with an important message: dynamic pricing does not only stand for higher prices, but also allows access to events at affordable prices by individual price differentiation!

Listen to the podcast for more insights on everything from fundamentals to industry-specific strategies, global success stories and the future of pricing: