Webinar: How to successfully implement sustainable pricing strategies for attractions and museums

Data-based pricing strategies are revolutionizing the attraction industry. Whenever there is a variable demand to a fixed capacity, price differentiation is a logical step for business optimization. When implemented correctly and sustainably, demand driven pricing strategies can increase revenues, attract more visitors during off-peak times and enhance online sales.

In this webinar, our co-founder and MD Franz Blechschmidt introduces you to the world of price optimization in the attraction and museum industry. You learn how data-based pricing strategies benefit your business and customers alike.

Building on that, Stephanie Schaub from Chocoversum Hamburg will share the experiences she has gained from implementing Dynamic Pricing.

Webinar Summary

Dynamic pricing has spread from airlines to many other industries. Today, demand-based pricing is everywhere…
In the attraction industry, we differentiate 3 differet levels of price optimization. The first level is static pricing, where all prices stay the same. The second level is differentiated pricing, where prices differ by season and customer segment. The third level is Dynamic Pricing. Hereby, prices change constantly according to predicted and real-time demand.
This webinar explains the steps toward an inteligent price optimization and outlines best practices from all accross the industry.

The challenge

Pricing is the most powerful tool to generate revenue. Yet, many attractions and museums are still selling ticket at a fixed standard price. Analyzing sales data and adjust the ticket prices to real demand anables new ways of customer-centric business optimization.

What you will learn


Our pricing experts explain the opportunities of price optimizations


Best practices of pricing for attractions and museums


Hands-on experience in Dynamic Pricing from Chocoversum Hamburg


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