Webinar: Smart Pricing for Mountain Lifts

In our second webinar about Smart Pricing for Ski Resorts, we invited the Head of Marketing and Head of IT from the Zermatt Bergbahnen AG to give us and all attendees an overview of the communicational and technical challenges the famous Swiss ski resort was facing when introducing Smart Pricing.

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Webinar Summary

Dynamic Pricing is a hot topic in the ski industry currently. And there is a reason for it: When implemented correctly, this pricing strategy can increase revenue, online sales and even more visitors during off-peak times.

Our newest webinar, jointly held with Zermatt Bergbahnen and SKIDATA, provides valuable experiences on Smart Pricing practices and the technical possibilities with our integration in SKIDATA’s ticketing system.

The challenge

Zermatt Bergbahnen AG was looking for a eay to increase revenues, sales of multi-day tickets, and online sales. However, the mountain lift does not want to alienate visitors with a simple ticket price increase. Hence, they defines a new, innovate pricing strategy that would enable them to reach their strategic goals while at the same time offer a more customerized solution to skiers: Smart Pricing.

The result of Smart Pricing at Zermatt


Increase Pre-Sales

The average pre-sales duration has increased from 2 to 4-6 days during the season 2018/19


Raise the Online Share

The share of online sales grew from around 5% to more than 30% comapred to previous year


Relieve the Staff

Significantly less people buy tickets at the box, which eases the workload of the staff


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