Case Study: Even out Demand and ​Increase the Number of Visitors at EV Zug

Smart Pricer assisted EV Zug in designing a fully automated real-time dynamic pricing strategy. The one of a kind system, allowing price changes to happen based on preset parameters without human intervention, was made possible by Smart Pricer’s partnership with Secutix, EVZ’s ticketing system.
Case Study Zermatt

Project Summary

Our solution was a ​fully-automated ​dynamic ​pricing strategy​. Dynamic pricing is flexible, allowing the machine-learning algorithm to adjust ticket prices in real time based on demand and other parameters. This provides revenue-opportunities, incentivizes early and online bookers with more attractive prices and guarantees that season tickets remain at the lowest price.

Proven Results


Clear objectives made it easier to create and enact a pricing strategy


Customer communication can ensure the success of any change in pricing strategy


Our Secutix partnership allowed the smooth implementation of real-time update technology