Webinar: Dynamic Pricing for Ski Resorts

In this worldwide first held Webinar about Dynamic Pricing in Ski Resorts, we review the background and motivation for game changers. Furthermore, we examine the opportunities for price optimization and CFO Thomas Rechberger from Engadin St Moritz explains how Dynamic Pricing pushed early-bookings for his ski resort.

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Webinar Summary

Cinema, sports, entertainment, airlines or home shopping – in many areas, dynamic prices are already generating more revenue. It’s not about cheap prices, but about an optimal pricing policy.

This webinar provides valuable inputs on intelligent tools and smart pricing practices in the sales strategy of ski resorts to push ticket sales in niche times, increase the share of online sales, improve overall utilization, and increase guest satisfaction

The challenge

The decreasing number of visitors in the recent years makes covering the increasing operational costs more difficult. Discover the daily demand for your ski resort and set up the right pricing strategy for mountain railways, parking, etc.
There are hundreds of factors that influence the demand for ski resorts, such as date and time, weather, season, etc. Predicting the expected demand is key for revenue optimization.

Hot Topic: Dynamic Pricing


Your competitive advantage: Dynamic Pricing

The innovative pricing strategy is able to avoid being dragged into pricing competition and helps to balance seasonal demand fluctuation


Real Case Study: Engadin St Moritz Bergbahnen

The CFO of Engadin St Moritz Mountains, Thomas Rechberger, evaluates the implementation of Dynamic Pricing in his ski resort


Live Question & Answer session

The 3 Experts from Grischconsulta, Engadin, and Smart Pricer are answering questions of the attendees in this first webinar of its kind


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