Case Study: Solving the Attendance Challenge at Chocoversum Hamburg with Pricing

In this Case Study, we describe how we tackled the challenges at the Chocoversum Museum in Hamburg by implementing a variable pricing strategy that satisfies both price- and time-sensitive guests.
Case Study Zermatt

Project Summary

Smart Pricer was engaged to assist Chocoversum in defining and enacting a pricing strategy that helps them address their existing business challenges and sets them up to continue their projected growth.  Smart Pricer used analytics of the museum’s demand patterns and ticket sales to help Chocoversum meet their pricing goals.

Our Strategy

Smart Pricer’s solution to meet Chocoversum’s goals is a variable pricing strategy.  A variable pricing strategy allows a company to set a product’s price based on a selected set of parameters like demand or time of day.  Variable pricing is a good fit because it allows the museum to accommodate its varied customer base and provide maximum profitability for each slot for each tour.

Proven Results


Online share increased by more than +50%


Relief and Redistribution towards off-peak times


Very good customer reaction: Price- and time-sensitive guests satisfied