Case Study: Implementing Dynamic Pricing at Cinema Park Formula Kino

In this Case Study we describe the step-by-step implementation of our Dynamic Pricing solution for Russia’s number one cinema chain, Cinema Park.  Many graphics and pictures help to understand the different phases for a correct implementation. Learn about the success of our solutions by downloading this Case Study.
Case Study Cinema Park

Project Summary

Cinema Park Formula Kino is Russia’s number 1 cinema chain. We have analyzed their ticketing data and integrated our pricing software into the ticketing system to achieve an overall average ticket price growth.

Our Strategy

The project was structured into three main steps in whiich we implemented our price optimization solution at their sites in Russia. The new pricing strategy aims to reflect the real-time demand to utilize the ticket price potential for each show.

Proven Results


+5% increase for the average ticket price

Firstly, by increasing demand for off-peak shows and utilize high-peak shows.

+5% growth of online share

Secondly, by incentivize online sales with attractive prices.

Load factors remain constant

Thirdly, by calculating the optimal ticket price for each show at every time.